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While she also recalls the code-switching required to attend a private Catholic school on a scholarship as a teenager—and then again to enter the music industry as a young woman who first got her start as a backup dancer—as she describes it, it just felt like the right time to let her West Indian roots fully inform a musical project. “I feel the most comfortable in that community, because that’s who I am,” she adds. “It’s in my blood, and I just understand it on a spiritual level. I’ve had all these internal battles about being mixed race, and being a part of these different cultures, but I think Caprisongs is partly about me being finally able to put that into my work—and really love myself in the process.”

Stranger Things 4 Upside Down Shirt

So too did Twigs see the project as an opportunity to dive deeper into her origin story, and refashion it as an emblem of her pride in where she came from. “I think that the world has changed, but to be working class, to have a mom that was predominantly a single parent, to be brought up in government housing for a lot of my life—when I first came out as an artist, I didn’t know if people would accept me for that,” she says. “As I got older, I realized that was my secret weapon. I’m proud of being working class, even though it’s something that, when I was at school, I felt like I had to hide. It made me who I am.”

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Two of Twigs’s primary sources of inspiration for the “Papi Bones” visuals were the Instagram archive accounts Trash and Ready and Rudeboard, both run by the London-based art director and curator Angela Phillips, whose insights into the dancehall scene of decades past profoundly influenced Twigs’s approach with her collaborator on the project, photographer and director Aidan Zamiri. “When I was younger, one of the first clubs I went to was called the Jamaican club in Gloucester, where they played a lot of dancehall and bashment, and [seeing Phillips’s Instagram] was the first time that I’d seen my teenage clubbing years replicated in such an authentic way on the internet,” says Twigs.

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